Bat box occupied within 17 days

After spending 10 years of research and design the holy grail of bat boxes has been found. Well…sort of. Micro bats are extremely fussy in choosing their homes or roosts as it is known. Using sophisticated temperature & humidity loggers in local natural roosts we carefully analysed what makes the roost special. Then the challenge was to replicate these conditions in man-made artificial homes. We also used Flir and Pulsar thermal imaging devices to study the effects on solar radiation on the actual surfaces of the homes.

Also thanks to the involvement of the City of Cockburn, a survey was conducted to assess the many bat boxes that are currently located throughout their municipality.  The data gathered highlighted the various attributes that the bats were searching for.  A new model was born out of this research. Within 17 days the bats have found and have started to occupy the new designed boxes.

AusKent bat box at BibraLake

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3 Responses to Bat box occupied within 17 days

  1. Julie says:

    Fantastic Joe!

  2. Flat Perth says:

    Hey I just found a Bat house just like this one in the bush near my house in ellenbrook 🙂 it’s on the ground, I’ll put it back in the tree for ya!
    On behalf of the bats, thanks for the houses 🙂 🙂

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