Do you want to fund your bat box workshop??? Then here is a list of places that you can apply for.


Gordon Reid Lotterywest Grants for Conservation
These grants are aimed at supporting community organisations to conserve the State’s natural habitats and diversity. Examples of projects that may be considered are:

Revegetation activities and the protection of remnant vegetation
Flora and fauna surveys
Management Plans for reserves
Public education projects such as the production of brochures etc.
Research projects which will assist in the conservation of WA’s biodiversity
Information package can be obtained from:

Grants Directory
The Grants Directory, available at: is a compilation of grants and other assistance programs available to communities and local governments in regional and metropolitan WA. The directory contains programs provided by WA and Commonwealth Governments as well as private sector organisations. The directory contains links, where possible to websites of organisations providing assistance.

Grantsearch Website
Grantsearch is a comprehensive Australian funding database and is available at . It details opportunities from all sectors with sources of financial support for study, travel, research, business, the arts, sport, and community projects. There is a small cost for subscribing.

This is a good one:

Good luck…

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