Bat Workshop at Mundaring Christian College

Students from the Mundaring Christian College recently completed a workshop building micro bat boxes.

They had to research the requirements that the bats need to live and breed in a successful artificial habitat.

Based on these findings five trees were selected as potential installation sites. The boxes were installed and a GPS was used to record locations for further studies.

The area chosen is called Black Cockatoo Reserve situated at the rear of the school. A representative from the Friends group was on site to view the installation of the boxes.

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1 Response to Bat Workshop at Mundaring Christian College

  1. Jaime Gardiner says:

    Found a little bat in my shed – he was ‘roosting” inside a curled up sheet of sand paper! Scared the heck out of me when I unrolled the sheet – I had no idea what it was at first…..Light chocolate colour small ears – googled images and closest I could get was the Chocolate Wattled Bat – but not sure if they are here in Perth (I am in Helena Valley bushland & have always seen bats flying at night here). Anyway I showed my girls who at first were terrified (4 & 7 yo) but after I pointed out how beautiful he/she was they became fascinated and wanted to learn all about them. Anyway I returned it to the roll of sandpaper and a few minutes later off it flew. (It was just turned night). I will keep an eye out for it in the future. I have a picture if you would like to have a look let me know.

    Cheers, Jaime

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