"Turn me Loose" bat box building workshop

Well, what an awesome workshop. Guys and girls got together and we turned them loose with drill guns, glue and hammers.  A fun few hours was had by all, even the mums wanted to be in on the act. We started at a local carpark then walked through a Tuart forest which is a regular bat habitat. After eyeballing the trees where the local bat dudes hang out we walked to a house and had a brief session on what ,where and how the bats hang loose by watching videos.

Then the serious stuff started. Standing all in a line behind the table the mass bat box building was off and running. With glue sticking to their fingers (I offered to amputate)no show, the screws were screwing and glue was flowing. And hey, no glue stuck to their clothes. They were careful. Must have been listening to the crazy instructor.

What a turnout. The boxes were beautifully built. Any mad bat would love to hang out in such cool looking homes.  The guys and girls wrote welcoming messages on the boxes. Hope the bats can read…

In their excitement some of the guys tried to use two glue guns at once(to make sure the box wouldn’t fall apart) while the girls, as girls normally do, just like having fun and made some solid looking homes all at the same time. Now, of course we couldn’t hold back the mums and helpers. They leapt in the game and helped…..just a little.

All in all a great day out. Now I just have to sand and paint them. The next stage is installing them in the reserve close by. When the bats find them I’ll keep everybody posted by the website.


Batman (alias Joe Tonga)

Soooooo , hang in there and stay tuned….

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