Rock on the bats…at the Perth Zoo.

Life is full of opportunities. Here is one of them. Come and discover the hidden world of micro bats. Yes, we have them in our part of the world. Become a participant and learn how to build a successful bat box. After you finished practising your newly found carpentry skills, you can take it home and watch the bats come. This workshop is loads of fun and open to everyone. Moms, bring the kids. They just love using a battery drill. They’re kit form boxes so no need to lose fingers with saws. All pre-made. Listen to how the City of South Perth is increasing the awareness of bats in their suburb. To top it off we’ll take you on a Bat Stalk to Bibra Lake. Watch them zoom around doing aerial maneuvers that will take your breath away..
Ring the Perth Zoo on 9474 0365 to book.
For more details click on the link below.
Look forward to seeing you there..
Perth Zoo workshop

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