Bat walk & talk

So you missed out seeing some bats really close last time. Well, don’t despair. The Cockburn Wetlands Centre is having another bat walk. Come and see what the local bats look like. If you’ve never seen a bat before then this is your chance. Bring the kids along. They’ll love it…

Where: Cockburn Wetlands Centre.

When : 20th April 2012.

Time: 5.45 to 7.30pm

Contact: 94511 3444

Bookings essential.


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2 Responses to Bat walk & talk

  1. Ryan says:

    is there a snake in the ”cover photo” of the go-batty page? right hand corner..

    • Joe says:

      Bingo, well done Ryan. You are very observant. I was wondering when someone see the little critter. It’s not a snake but a Marbled Gecko. Member of the lizard family. Beautiful little thing. Totally harmless. The bats live with it in harmony. I think the Gecko eats the mites that hang around in the box.

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