80 year old bat home??

Well, according to the manufacturer the recycled PVC tubing we are trialing have a lifespan of exactly that. Within six months of installation the bats are moving in. The new PVC home has all the attributes of a successful bat house.

  • Longevity-thick steel brackets, stainless steel fasteners, galvanised mesh.
  • Insulated- using special material creates a buffer between extreme temperatures.
  • “Can you see bats inside?” With our model you bet. Even in the middle of the day.
  • Attractive to bats- yep, starting to work within a short space of time.
  • Feral bee attractive-NO, these homes are not for them.
  • Lightweight- You won’t break your back trying to install them, unless of course you do it the wrong way.
  • Roomy-able to hold over 50 micro bats.

The quest for a perfect home for them continues.

New type of bat home

New type of bat home

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7 Responses to 80 year old bat home??

  1. Judith says:

    hello from over the creek in far north New Zealand…this is a really inspiring blog full of good ideas..and beautiful little clips of bats…thanks so much for putting these up…and putting a link on Youtube…I’ll have to see if we can build bat boxes here at home now! OH BTW did you know we have a species of bats here that crawl around on the ground after their food? :-))

  2. Walter K says:

    Hi, Are you going to publish the dimensions and what did you insulate it with. I did have the same idea because I have full length down pipes laying around, But I just made two more boxes out of some old hard wood plank instead.

    • Joe says:

      Nope. I have a problem with competitors copying my homes then selling them for a lot less than what I can build them for. It’s my income.

  3. Walter K says:

    ok , didn’t know there was even a market for bat homes

  4. natasha smithers says:

    Hi there, are you still making these. Im looking for a bat house for my garden and also interested in any night tours you might do for kids? thank you

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