“Write with fire” bat box workshops

Another exciting bat box workshop was conducted on the last weekend gone. This time something new was added. Now I have Pyrography pens in action. These allow you to burn patterns or just your name onto the finished bat boxes. The participants loved them. It adds a personal touch to your creation.

If you would love to attend one of these fun and interesting workshops please contact me and I will give you an idea of where and when the next ones are held. They are very popular and regularly booked out.

Write with fire

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4 Responses to “Write with fire” bat box workshops

  1. martinerousset says:

    Hi Joe I would love to do a workshop

    can you please let me know where and when they are?

    thanks very much


    • Joe says:

      Hi Martine, I have one on the 6th May at Beverley. Not sure where you live. I can let you know when the next one pops up in the Perth metro if you like.

  2. Vicky Rapley says:

    We had a bat in the house last night. Would love to build a bat box!😁

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