Meet the Microbats close up

Ever wanted to see the microbats up close and personnal? Well, City of South Perth & the City of Cockburn are running bat tours. Give them a call, sign up and I will bring the bats down to you as we view the bat boxes. You get to see how beautiful these little fragile critters are.

It’s a great wildlife experience like no other….

Watching a microbat being released
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3 Responses to Meet the Microbats close up

  1. Hazel says:

    How do you book in to see bats ?

    • Joe says:

      Ring City of South Perth on 9474 0777. Ask for the guided bat walks.
      Ring Cockburn Wetlands Centre on (08) 9417 8460. (City of Cockburn). Ask for the guided bat walks.
      Hope to see you there.

  2. Chris Hancock says:

    I joined the Bodkin Park tour, it was a real eye opener. I walk my dog through that area about once a week, but Joe showed it to me in a completely different light.

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