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When is a bat house not a bat house?

Answer: When it’s a Kingfisher box. Okay, here’s the story. In 2008 a Kingfisher box was built for a client targeting only the Australian Kingfisher. As the image shows the dimensions are slightly larger than a shoebox. Installed on a … Continue reading

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Ash-the baby bat

“Hello, is Joe Tonga there?” a voice asked out of the phone. “I saw his Go Batty website and I’ve got a bit of a problem…” This phone call was from a local resident (Angela) who lives in East Fremantle. … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Bats are Just as Cool as Batman

Check out the link below for a really fun and interesting article on micro bats. This was written by Daniella Brigida from the National Wildlife Federation in America. 7 Reasons Bats are Just as Cool as Batman.

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Bats tee off

At a local golf course a bird box was installed on a tree. Unfortunately, about 18 months later this tree had to be removed to make way for a building. The box was taken down and surprise, surprise, micro bats … Continue reading

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