How to install a Micro Bat box

Micro bat box Installation Tips

Bat boxes ready for painting.



1) Installation Height: Whatever you feel like.

2) Orientation: Spin the compass.

3) Air space below box. Yep, need it.

4) Reasonably quiet location.  They love Mozart.

5) Location: Anywhere around your place

6) Inspection. Don’t shine a torch up there.

7) Arrival: Pray to God.

Have fun

Joe Tonga.

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3 Responses to How to install a Micro Bat box

  1. Ken Baker says:

    Retired Veterinarian in bush setting on Sunshine coast near dam.
    Have seen microbats, intend putting up nest boxes.
    Are they territorial & what spacing between boxes?

    Regards, Ken

    • Joe says:

      Hi Ken,
      Micro bats aren’t territorial. In fact, several species can share the same box. Even huntsman spiders and geckos share the same space. They could teach us a thing or two how to live together. Put up more than one box. They like to move between boxes. Keeps the predators guessing???
      Have fun.

  2. Clareville says:

    We have just made and placed our micro bat box. Very exciting. Thanks so much for the information.

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