Meet and greet the bats…..

Well, come on down!!!

At Bibra Lake on Saturday 21st August we’re going to introduce you to one of our most gorgeous Australian creatures, the Gould’s Wattled bat. Forget about trying to see one flying high in the sky. They only come out at night when we’re asleep in our nice warm beds. Here’s a chance to see one live and real close. Learn all about micro bats and what interesting habits they have. After the presentation join us for a walk through the “Bat Forest”, where during the day they hide in the boxes that a local community group built. We’ve developed a special “Bat-cam” which is a infrared camera on the end of a telescopic pole. By gently pushing the camera through a hole at the bottom of the boxes we can spy on  and count how many bats are there.

One lucky person will win a magnificent custom built bat box to take home with them.

Guaranteed to be a entertaining and informative session.
Click on the blue tear drop icon to get directions

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