Plastic Bat-tastic..

The micro bats have taken to the PVC homes in Shenton Park, Western Australia. Now there are three models installed throughout the bushland. The “Bat Canon”, FatBat tube and conventional timber single chamber type. The three timber types have just been installed during Aug 2010.
Check out the video..

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2 Responses to Plastic Bat-tastic..

  1. HI Joe

    Great movie!

    Just by coincidence today I bought a $100 video camera at Dick Smith’s – it is a tiny unit – which will run for 2 hours on its lithium battery and stores it onto a built-in 2GB micro SD card – I am planning to mount it just beneath the bat box you installed at our place earlier this year – plan to turn it on just before sunset once the moon is a bit smaller – to see if any bats come out.



    • Joe says:

      Hi Dani, Hope your camera works well and captures the bats as they leave your bat boxes. It’ll be great to see some footage.

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