Bat box overflowing with bats.

Having an interest in bats is like following a religion.

  • You have to be patient. Bats might not come immediately.
  • You have to have faith. They are there but mostly we can’t see them.
  • You are constantly praying. Hoping they will come sooner rather than later and they will appear.

So with this all in mind (and holes in my trousers at knee height for praying so much) I decided to show you there is light at the end of the tunnel. In the video attached I talk about the Anabat bat detector, discussing observational skills to acquire in looking for bats in your box. So sit back, relax and enjoy it…cheers Joe.




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4 Responses to Bat box overflowing with bats.

  1. Eduardo says:

    Hi Joe… right now I am just freaking out after watching your video! It is just AMAZING!
    I am starting to learn about these little guys, and my intention is to study them in detail and see how they could somehow help farmers, while at the same time they benefit from a nice menu around croplands (talking about moths mainly, uh?)! Hehehe
    Just wanted to congratulate you for the quality of the information that you are showing for free here… keep the good work up!

    Eduardo Crisol
    PhD student
    CQU University

    • Joe says:

      Thanks Eduardo. The Americans are way ahead of Australian farmers regarding installing bat boxes around orchards and farms.The benefits are enormous. But, it all comes down to money….
      I would really like to help them but it’s not easy trying to design a suitable bat house that works for all bats. Sometimes it’s frustrating. I would love just to build one design and stick to it. Then it could be mass produced.
      Maybe the answer is close..

  2. Kristie B says:

    How amazing. I had no idea we had bats around here. Awesome video!

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