Did you hear it on the radio?? The Bats are waiting…..

Join us for an exciting night stalk at Bibra Lake on the 10th October. On this night we’re looking for anything that moves, frogs, spiders and whatever. The bats will be in force. They have taken up more boxes. The White striped freetailed bat is now in residence. This species is one of the largest microbat in Australia. The face really looks like a dog- mastiff like..  Come along and get a close look at it. You’ll be blown away…..

Want to see a Barn owl??? There’s a good chance you’ll see and hear them screeching above our heads. They’re nesting in one of the bird boxes. Just awesome….

Call the City of Cockburn on 9411 3444 to find out more.

Bat city

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2 Responses to Did you hear it on the radio?? The Bats are waiting…..

  1. Sandra says:

    I live in Leeming not far from Bibra Lake and we have heard bats the past 3 nights a about 9pm.

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