Bat rocket ready for takeoff

We want the Cockburn Wetlands Centre to become bat central in Western Australia. This would be an opportunity for visitors to bring a deck chair, sip some wine & munch on cheese, then watch the microbats streaming out of the many boxes that are located there.

To help achieve the numbers for a massive flyout an “Bat Rocket” box was installed. This has the potential to hold 150 bats. More are planned for the future.

So stand by and get ready for blast off…..

Bat Rocket

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4 Responses to Bat rocket ready for takeoff

  1. Hazel says:

    Awesome. Does anyone no if there are bats around roleystone.

  2. Cool I love the rocket – is there an average time it takes for the bats to find a newly installed box?

    • Joe says:

      It all depends on how many bats are currently in your area. Bats are always looking for new homes. Shortest time of installation for me was three weeks, longest was 6 years.

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