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Rock on the bats…at the Perth Zoo.

Life is full of opportunities. Here is one of them. Come and discover the hidden world of micro bats. Yes, we have them in our part of the world. Become a participant and learn how to build a successful bat … Continue reading

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Big Moon Rising…a time for hunting.

I read about it in the local paper. The moon will be it’s biggest and brightest tonight. Apparently this is a rare phenomenon known as a supermoon. It happens about every 18 years or so. It was bright. The trees … Continue reading

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Bats stay cool

Well, here in Perth, Western Australia, the February/March weather has been really hot hot hot. In fact a record has been broken for the longest period of temperatures greater than 30deg Celsius for a few weeks. Not only humans are … Continue reading

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Baton bat detector review

Unfortunately for me my first Baton unit was faulty. I contacted the company and they sent me a new one. Now this one works as advertised. It’s incredibly ergonomic to hold and being very light makes it comfortable to walk … Continue reading

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Bats arrive at McDougall Park

During the month of June in 2010 five bat boxes were installed in McDougall Park which is in South Perth, Western Australia. Well, great news, five months later a bat has found box number 4 mounted on a Lemon Scented … Continue reading

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Open Those Ears…..

Help the scientists monitor climate change. Listen for the calls of the White Striped Mastif bat. The listening program starts on the 23rd October 2010. They say that by studying where this bat is located will give us an idea … Continue reading

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Plastic Bat-tastic..

The micro bats have taken to the PVC homes in Shenton Park, Western Australia. Now there are three models installed throughout the bushland. The “Bat Canon”, FatBat tube and conventional timber single chamber type. The three timber types have just … Continue reading

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Meet and greet the bats…..

Well, come on down!!! At Bibra Lake on Saturday 21st August we’re going to introduce you to one of our most gorgeous Australian creatures, the Gould’s Wattled bat. Forget about trying to see one flying high in the sky. They only come … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Bats are Just as Cool as Batman

Check out the link below for a really fun and interesting article on micro bats. This was written by Daniella Brigida from the National Wildlife Federation in America. 7 Reasons Bats are Just as Cool as Batman.

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Bats tee off

At a local golf course a bird box was installed on a tree. Unfortunately, about 18 months later this tree had to be removed to make way for a building. The box was taken down and surprise, surprise, micro bats … Continue reading

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