Secret tip for building bat boxes…..

If you happen to live in Australia and wish to build your own bat box, then read on….

A little tip. DO NOT use a power saw to cut slots in the wood for the bats to cling to. Why???Ants!!!!! Yes, the little devils will start using these as nesting areas. They will soon take over the bat box.  Yes, I know all the information found on the internet tells you to use this technique. Well, I’m sorry it might work where there are no ants. But, it will not work in Australia. What’s the solution then????? Easy, go to Bunnings and buy some galvanised metal gutter mesh. Cut it with tin snips then staple it to the timber. The square holes are a perfect size for the bats to climb on to.

While I’m here, check there are absolutely no small holes or gaps in your box. The ants will use these as a home. Talk about “ants in your pants”. The bats don’t like them.

Have fun…

Ants nest in saw cuts.

Ants nest in saw cuts.

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Are there bats in Perth??

Yes, yes and yes. Bats are found almost everywhere, even in the metro area. It’s just that  they are small, come out at night and are difficult to see. I had an email from a lady living in a suburb called Willetton, where a six lane highway thunders past her place. She found an dead emaciated bat and wanted to know more. It was under her Brazillian Pepper tree. What was it looking for??? A place to roost most likely. What do bats need??? Water. You don’t have to be near some bushland or lakes/river to have bats. Research has shown they will fly down to a swimming pool and scoop up water to drink on the go. Your chances of occupancy will increase though living within 4 to 10kms from a lake or river. Homes. They need a place to stay. Just like us. A bat box is the best home you can provide.  Once they find it they’re extremely loyal and will stay for years. And the best part. One microbat eats 1,000 mosquitoes per night….. So why not install a bat box and go for it.

Bat found in Backyard

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Bat Tour

Would you love to see a micro bat really close. Come along for an interesting walk&talk at Bibra Lake. This is all about being up close and personal with our furry little friends. With 24x bat boxes close by Batman will climb up the ladder(he can’t really fly), gently withdraw a bat from the box to show you all. Learn about how they attack people and suck their blood….Nah..just kidding!! We’ll be taking about myths, what they eat, where they hang out and all sorts of goodies like that. If you want to have some fun then come along….don’t forget to bring the kids, they’ll love seeing the bats really close.

When: Saturday 12th November, 2011.

Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Where: Cockburn Wetlands Centre, Hope Road, Bibra Lake.

Cost: Gold coin donation.

Bookings: Numbers limited…Get in quick…Ring Vicky Hartill | Environment and Education Officer
City of Cockburn
P: (08) 9411 3556

Come and meet me....

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Anabat SD2 bat detector

If you’re one of the lucky ones to own one of these detectors, then this two part instructional video might help you. I’ve designed/modified and built a pistol grip that enables the operator to comfortably carry the detector for hours on end. Coupled with the HP Ipaq 212 Enterprise model PDA it becomes an awesome machine. Studying bats brings on a new dimension when you can see the actual ‘real time’ calls while looking at the PDA screen.

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Rock on the bats…at the Perth Zoo.

Life is full of opportunities. Here is one of them. Come and discover the hidden world of micro bats. Yes, we have them in our part of the world. Become a participant and learn how to build a successful bat box. After you finished practising your newly found carpentry skills, you can take it home and watch the bats come. This workshop is loads of fun and open to everyone. Moms, bring the kids. They just love using a battery drill. They’re kit form boxes so no need to lose fingers with saws. All pre-made. Listen to how the City of South Perth is increasing the awareness of bats in their suburb. To top it off we’ll take you on a Bat Stalk to Bibra Lake. Watch them zoom around doing aerial maneuvers that will take your breath away..
Ring the Perth Zoo on 9474 0365 to book.
For more details click on the link below.
Look forward to seeing you there..
Perth Zoo workshop

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Big Moon Rising…a time for hunting.

I read about it in the local paper. The moon will be it’s biggest and brightest tonight. Apparently this is a rare phenomenon known as a supermoon. It happens about every 18 years or so. It was bright. The trees were casting shadows and anything glossy on the ground appeared to glow. Well, I decided to see if it adversely affects the bats. Nope. They were out in force. Some people think that nocturnal animals don’t like hunting on a full moon night. I was out in my local bat research area testing some modifications to a Anabat bat detector. The ground I was walking on had many truck loads of mulch spread around. This was creating a small micro climate where small white moths were flittering out, rising from the ground. What a boon for the bats. They were flying about 1m off the ground. I even managed to see one hover just above the mulch and tilt down and snap up an insect. I was using a torch (LED lenser P14) with the barrel setting on wide beam. It was held against my right cheek. This method is used to detect the eyeshine of nocturnal animals. Our micro bats don’t have eyeshine. While I was waiting for the bats to fly past I’d check out the immediate ground for frogs. Well, The next thing you know a bat flew up to my face and caught a insect directly in front of me. I nearly wet myself….Talk about erie… You see the glow from my torch was attracting insects.
What an experience…..
You never know what to expect…

Australian Tawny Frogmouth...predates on the bats.

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Bats stay cool

Well, here in Perth, Western Australia, the February/March weather has been really hot hot hot. In fact a record has been broken for the longest period of temperatures greater than 30deg Celsius for a few weeks. Not only humans are suffering but the poor bats are finding it tough too. A small colony of gould’s wattled bats decided it was time to find something cooler so they chose the “Coffee Stop” boxes. Normally, they only stay in these abodes for a overnight stop then move on. But this time they’re staying for a longer period. Due to the open design it has great air flow beneath the entrance. They seem to love it. Roll on the cooler weather…..I bet the bats are thinking that too…

Who's hiding there????

External view of the "Coffee Stop" box.

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